June 10th

The DataCite community will convene in Prague on June 10, 2024 to discuss how we can collectively make the most of metadata. In the session, we will discuss the value of consistent, standardized, and complete metadata; provide insight into current metadata practices; hear from DataCite Members about metadata challenges they face; and also discuss how registered metadata is currently (re)used. The session will include several interactive components, such as break-out sessions to discuss different (upcoming) resource types. Registration for the event is already closed.

June 13th-14th
The International Council for Scientific and Technical Information (ICSTI)

The International Council for Scientific and Technical Information (ICSTI) is happy to announce our 40th Anniversary Annual Conference and General Assembly. The 2024 conference will be an in-person meeting collocated with PiDFest (June 11th-13th) in Prague, Czechia. ICSTI will hold a members-only General Assembly the afternoon of June 13th, followed by a full day of open workshops on Friday, June 14th.

June 14th
Research Data Alliance

The RDA Council have decided to hold their annual face to face meeting on Friday 14th June 2024 to coincide with PIDfest.

The RDA is volunteer member organisation enabling data to be shared across barriers through outputs developed by focused Working Groups, Interest Groups, and Communities of Practice, formed of volunteer experts from around the world and drawn from academia, the private sector and government. The RDA has a grass-roots, inclusive approach covering all data lifecycle stages, engaging data producers, users and stewards, addressing data exchange, processing, and storage. It has succeeded in creating the neutral social platform where international research data experts meet to exchange views and to agree on topics including social hurdles on data sharing, education and training challenges, data management plans and certification of data repositories, disciplinary and interdisciplinary interoperability, as well as technological aspects. The goal of the RDA is achieved through the development, adoption, and deployment of infrastructure, policy, practice, standards, and other deliverables. The emphasis of the RDA is the adoption and deployment of technology and infrastructure, rather than research and development of new technology or infrastructure that is undertaken in other projects.

The RDA Council, the highest elected governing body of the RDA, is responsible for the overall oversight, success, strategy, business plan and sustainability of the RDACouncil have recently finalised the RDA Strategic Plan 2024-2028 which provides direction and vision for the next 5 years, and focuses on strengthening and widening the organisation through four strategic themes: globalise, sustain, empower and innovate.

June 14th
Research Activity Identifier (RAiD) Advisory Group Meeting 

RAiD is a unique, persistent identifier to identify and document research projects and activities. The RAiD metadata record stores project or activity information for long-term discovery, resolution, access, sharing, reporting and other uses by the global research community. The Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC), is the ISO Registration Authority (ISO 23527) for RAiD and leads development of RAiD service software. In that role it is guided by an international Advisory Group. This Group will meet after PIDfest to discuss RAiD's progress, status, and future plans regarding service development, policy, and governance.


Note that attendance at the RAID Advisory Group meeting is by invitation only.